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Introduction to Well Logging

This video examines how much of an intricate role well logging/logging pay sands plays in the commercial production of any oil and gas well .

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing of Multi-Pay Sandstones

This video examines Hydraulic Fracturing of Multi-Pay Sandstone Reservoirs and techniques used to extract hydrocarbons of both oil and gas.

Seismic Surveys & Data

This video gives an overview of how shooting and collecting seismic data plays into finding and pin-pointing hydrocarbons beneath the earths crust that are millions of years old. This data is used in oil and gas exploration and production by operators.

Salt water Disposal

Saltwater Disposal systems are used as a means to dispose of saltwater produced from the oil and gas sands and reservoirs that are being commercially produced. On average 10-11 barrels of saltwater are produced for every barrel of oil pending locations and other geophysical data. This is the only approved method for disposing of salt water at the oil field level unless you pay to haul the water off so its disposed properly.

Vertical Drilling Process

The entire process for drilling a vertical oil and gas well.There are many processes and service type companies involved to successfully drill, complete, and operate commercially productive wells.

Horizontal Drilling Process

This video explores why shale gas and shale oil exploration has been so successful for the United States economy using the latest forms of technology to drill and using fracturing stimulation complete horizontal wells .

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