• We Purchase Oil & Gas Royalties, Mineral Rights and Working Interests Nationwide!

  • We Offer Free Consultations, Evaluations and Fast, Secure Closings.

  • No Hidden Fees, Costs or Obligations of any kind.

  • We’ll buy All or Part of Your Oil & Gas Interests whether Producing, Non-Producing, Leased or Un-Leased.

  • Get a Top Dollar Offer for Your Oil & Gas Assets.

  • We handle all Paperwork, Filings and Cover All Costs.


UNI Royalties is an establishedgas royalty buyer that specializes in the purchasing ofroyalties, overriding royalties,non–producing interests that are leased or unleased, as well as some working interests across the nation. We cater to individuals, who need or desire, instant cash payments for their mineral assets and also to corporations who are liquidating assets.

Why Sell at all?

Most sellers in are not aware that they have options regardingtheir interests. A mineral owner may end up owning their interests for several years, never cash in and then might pass them on to their heirs as inheritances. Unfortunately the heirs soon realize that these interests have diluted in value and become less economically stable as the years go by. Like some of our clients, this may be a viable option to sell their interests and receive a lump sum cash offer for their assets rather than wait for years to receive their checks.

Some of our clients also chose to sell their royalties because they do not have the knowledge, patience or skills that are required to process the administrative issues of owning mineral, oil or gas reserves on their properties.

UNI Royalties is currently interested in purchasing oil and gas producing royalties in the following shale formations -



Sell your Gas Royalty the Easy way

Our experts will take the guesswork out of such processes. We guarantee fast closings. After we have analyzed your property and documentations, we will evaluate your assets to determine what we can offer. You are under NO OBLIGATION to accept our offer.

Call us TOLL FREE at 1-(888)-916-0220 if you want to sell your gas royaltyat the best rates in the market. Or you can send us an email at sellroyalties@gmail.com. We will send you a free price quote via fax or email within 24 hours upon receipt of the pertinent documentation we would need from you.

Your assets aren’t going to sell themselves. The faster you sell, the faster we can have the funds to you. Trust UNI Royalties as a gas royalty buyer and cash in on your producing/non-producing oil, gas or mineral interests today.

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