• We Purchase Oil & Gas Royalties, Mineral Rights and Working Interests Nationwide!

  • We Offer Free Consultations, Evaluations and Fast, Secure Closings.

  • No Hidden Fees, Costs or Obligations of any kind.

  • We’ll buy All or Part of Your Oil & Gas Interests whether Producing, Non-Producing, Leased or Un-Leased.

  • Get a Top Dollar Offer for Your Oil & Gas Assets.

  • We handle all Paperwork, Filings and Cover All Costs.


Sell oil and gas royalties, mineral rights and working interests for top dollar through UNI Royalties

Why Sell Oil Royalty?

Most property owners rarely have the knowledge, much less the resources that are required to manage such assets. Extracting natural resources requires more than just a pick and shovel. If you happen to be one of them, your best bet to cash in on your reserves is to sell your oil and gas royalties to a service that can analyze your assets, sell them to willing buyers and liquidate them into cash immediately.

That is where UNI Royalties comes in. We are an oil and gas investment firm that specializes in purchasing oil and gas leases, overriding royalties, mineral rights, and working interests across the nation. We pride ourselves on remaining honest in all of our dealings. Let us make you a FREE OFFER for your assets.

We Buy All Or Part Of Your Oil And Gas Interests Whether Producing, Or Non-Producing, Leased Or Unleased

Take advantage of a soaring commodity market today. There is no telling when the market value of your assets will drop in the future.

We Analyze your Assets

Our team of expert engineers and techniques develop a decline curve analysis that is based on historical production for each producing well. This allows us to determine the value of the reserves that are left in your property. UNI Royalties provides owners an easy way to liquidate their oil and gas interests by using Current Commodity Pricing.

UNI Royalties is particularly interested in acquiring oil and gas producing royalties in the following shale formations –

  • Niobrara Shale
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Bakken Shale
  • Granite Wash Play
  • Fayetteville Shale
  • Marcellus Shale
  • Haynesville Shale
  • Mississippi Oil Shale
  • Utica Shale
  • Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
  • Mancos Shale
  • Avalon Shale
  • Bossier Shale
  • Woodford Shale
  • Atrim Shale
  • Pierre Shale
  • Lewis Shale
  • Devonian Shale


Our aim is to make it possible for mineral and royalty owners such as yourself to convert producing or non producing reserves into cash as quickly and efficiently as possible –

Step One

Contact us for a free evaluation and consultation. Call us TOLL FREE at 1-888-916-022, fill out our online form or email us at sellroyalties@gmail.com.

Step Two

We will analyze your property and provide you a quote in addition to educating you about your options

Step Three

You have NO OBLIGATION to accept our offer if you choose to. However, once you do accept our offer we will deliver the deed and other documents to you with return shipping. We pay you once we receive the executed transfer documents. UNI Royalties will handle all the paperwork, filings and cover all costs. It’s that simple!

UNI Royalties guarantees fast and secure closings. Call us now to find out more. Sell your oil royalty the secure way through us.

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