• We Purchase Oil & Gas Royalties, Mineral Rights and Working Interests Nationwide!

  • We Offer Free Consultations, Evaluations and Fast, Secure Closings.

  • No Hidden Fees, Costs or Obligations of any kind.

  • We’ll buy All or Part of Your Oil & Gas Interests whether Producing, Non-Producing, Leased or Un-Leased.

  • Get a Top Dollar Offer for Your Oil & Gas Assets.

  • We handle all Paperwork, Filings and Cover All Costs.


Sell Mineral Rights and Oil/Gas Royalties at the Best Market Values

Do you need to sell royalties without having to deal with the administrative tasks that come with it AND get top dollar for them? If you want to sell your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties or leases at the best rates that the market has to offer then Uni Royalties can help.

Uni Royalties Purchases Producing Royalties, Overriding Royalties and some Working Interests


Uni Royalties takes the guess work out of selling your mineral rights at the best rates. Receive a lump sum cash payment for the value of your assets now rather than wait for the market value to go up in an unpredictable economy.

Why Sell to us?

Our goal is simple; to help you get outstanding cash value for your oil and gas assets. Most of our clients have a variety of reasons for selling their mineral rights or oil and gas royalties. A lot of them needed cash for financial emergencies. Other reasons might include the following –

  • They are not keen to deal with high risk investments especially in the unstable financial markets of today. 
  • They inherited a royalty from a family member and were in need of lump sum cash instead of frequent payments
  • They did not want to with the enormous hassle that is involved in keeping track of their taxes and royalty interest revenue that is associated with it
  • Wanted to sell their royalties while the market for their assets was still positive


Sell your royalties in minerals, oil or gas to us and convert your royalty into cash. This way, you transfer the risk to us and cash in on the rewards that follow.

Eliminate Hassle – No Hidden Fee, Costs or Obligations


Unlike most companies Uni Royalties will also accommodate your needs if you only want to sell a portion of your assets.

  • Our expertise lies in offering competitive high dollar bids
  • Save money by taking advantage of our FREE Appraisal Assessments and FREE Consultations
  • We handle all the County Recordings, Contracts and Deeds for you
  • No additional, or hidden fees. We cover all the costs that are associated with transferring the purchased property(s)
  • Receive a Lump Sum Payout
  • No 30 Day Processing
  • Get Funding for your Oil and Mineral royalties fast
  • Close within 24-48 hours

Sell your royalties while they are still valuable. Oil and gas interests are depleting assets. What’s to say that your royalties will be worth less or will be worthless in the future? Wouldn’t you rather get a lump sum payment rather than wait years to receive the same amount from your royalty revenue stream? Sell your royalties for minerals, oil or gas assets to us and eliminate the risks at the same time. We make the process easy and cheap for you.

Call at our Toll Free number to receive a free Consultation or Quote to sell your Mineral/Oil and Gas Royalties today!

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